What’s in your box?

I have a friend. Maybe you remember the post about my Lost Workout Partner. I named cookies after her. (Hint: Click on link for refresher.)

Update: I’ll have you know just as soon as we got back to working out together again… I had a baby. And now I’m M.I.A. at the gym for the next 3 weeks. The countdown to get back into regular workouts is on. And I’m so glad I’ll have a friend waiting for me at the gym when I can come back. (Insert unsolicited advice: get a work out buddy. It really helps.)

This friend, The Lost and Found Workout Partner, we swap fashion ideas, barbells at the gym, tons of text messages and Kuerig K cups. ¬†Not to mention healthy recipes … and some pretty ooey-gooey-fattening ones too. ;)

But most importantly, we talk CrossFit and healthy eating ideas. We’re always reminding each other to eat ‘healthy choices.’As any good workout partner/friend would do, she shared this¬†amazing idea and I had to steal it and share it with you. Because that’s what friends do. And I’d say … you and me, we’re friends. Buds. Pals. Sista’s. Love you mean it.


Grab a see through box you can stick in your refrigerator. Or do what I did and clean out your ‘crisper.’ Then grab as many healthy items as you can and fill the drawer. Call it the “Healthy Snack Box.” Your kids will think it’s cool. Your husband will love you. You’ll feel good about yourself. Even Picky Pants approves.

Here’s a pic of some items in my snack box. For me, my time is a bit more limited with a newborn around the house. It’s very important I choose wisely when hungry. Each morning I have a boiled egg, nuts and an apple. I can eat all three while bouncing my sweet baby. For you, it’s about to be shopping, cooking, baking and company season. It would be nice to reach for some healthy protein, fats and carbs instead of Mom’s chocolate cake left over in the refrigerator, eh? Try this idea. You’ll love me. And my Lost and Found Workout Partner.







Shredded IGA Roasted Chicken


Pre sliced apples

String Cheese

Boiled Eggs


Yogurt based dip for veggies



Cottage Cheese

Greek Yogurt



Peanut Butter or Almond Butter


Cherry Tomatoes

any vegetable

Trail Mix


Peace, Love and Healthy options. XO



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2 Responses to What’s in your box?

  1. Kristy says:

    And Edamame — It’s our new favorite snack!

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