Breakfast Oat Cake

I normally eat a boiled egg, fruit and nuts in the morning.
If I’m in a hurry, a Lara bar.
And coffee. With real cream. Sue me.

If I’m enjoying my morning, I have oatmeal with blueberries, peanut butter and vanilla protein powder. It’s usually cold by the time I eat it. But still tasty.

What if I could bake my oatmeal-protein-blueberry-peanutbutter-breakfast and pop a serving into the microwave when I need it?

That would be swell. So, I did it. Minus the blueberries, add banana.

A word about protein:

please, for the love of protein powder, read your labels.

If you are using protein powder in anything … make sure the carbs and sugars are below, I dunno, 5 combined. There’s no need to add extra sugar and calories into your diet.

Oh, and P.S. did you know most women aren’t getting enough protein and we should be consuming about 40-50 grams each day? Add a little egg white, skim milk or an extra slice of turkey to your diet to try and hit that target. Or … use protein powder in the morning to really amp-up your intake early on.

2 large 1 cup servings

1/2 C Oats

1/2 TSP Vanilla

1 TBSP Agave

1 mashed banana – you could half this or use 1/4 C sugar free applesauce to cut down on carbs. I should have done this.

1/4 C skim milk

2 (less than heaping) TBSP Peanut Butter, I used crunchy.

dash of Salt

1 scoop Protein Powder

1 handful chocolate chips that are totally not necessary. Just good. Okay, really good … and completely necessary. :)

1. Incorporate all dry ingredients. Add mashed banana and the rest of the wet ingredients. Stir and mash well.
2. Bake in ramekins or a small baking dish at 375 for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown on top.
Enjoy your morning!


Peace, love and breakfast!




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